Praise for Learning the Skills of Peacemaking

“Naomi Drew draws upon her experience as an educator, researcher, and parent. As we begin to disseminate information on innovative and peaceful approaches to conflict resolution and to share our knowledge, we will make the great longing for world peace a reality. Learning the Skills of Peacemaking is an integral part of this process.”
-- Yogesh K. Gandhi, Great- grand nephew of Mohandas K. Gandhi Founder
Gandhi Memorial International foundation

“Learning the Skills of Peacemaking is an excellent resource for conflict resolution and peacemaking. Naomi Drew has adapted the techniques of negotiation to the needs of children. If everyone learned peacemaking guidelines in their childhood, the world would be a better place.”
-- Michiko Kuroda, United Nations Staffer and author of Early Warning and Conflict Resolution
“I am deeply touched that my book Human Options figured in your decision to create Learning the Skills of Peacemaking.”
-- Norman Cousins author of Anatomy of an Illness

“How far we have come in peace education! Naomi Drew’s book is packed full of exciting and usable new ideas and activities.”
-- Priscilla Prutzman, author of The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet

“Global peace begins with you. Learning the Skills of Peacemaking develops this fundamental concept. . . If this curriculum was a required course in every elementary school in every country, we would see world peace in our children’s lifetime.”
-- Letty Cottin Pogrebin, author of Growing Up Free

“Learning the Skills of Peacemaking offers students and teachers the opportunity to creatively transform visions of peace into ideas, ideas into actions, and actions into the reality of a peaceful future. Its broad applications could potentially influence entire generations in the direction of global consciousness, promoting communication and cooperation.”
-- Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. Diane Cirincione authors of Children as Teachers of Peace

“I used Learning the Skills of Peacemaking with my class and the difference it made was astounding. My kids really picked up on the process of working out conflicts. Very often they would resolve an issue with a brief prompt and no help from me at all. From comments I got from parents, it became very clear that their kids were resolving conflicts at home too. Thank you!”
- elementary teacher, NJ


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