Resolving Conflicts — "The quick Method" (K-2)


  • To introduce the basics of conflict resolution
  • To guide the children to understand the benefits of resolving conflicts peacefully.


  • Puppets
  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk

Quick Win/Win

  1. Cool off
  2. "I Message"
  3. Brainstorm solutions
  4. Affirm, forgive, thank


  1. Have the children form a circle on the floor. Introduce the puppets. Tell the children that the puppets are having a disagreement or conflict over a toy that they want. Have the puppets act out the conflict: grab at each other, call each other names, cry, or whatever else your imagination comes up with.
  2. Speak directly to the puppets. Ask each puppet to state the problem. Don't let the puppets interrupt each other. Let them know that each will get a turn.
  3. Help the puppets understand others' "point of view." Teach them how to use "I Messages."
  4. Ask the children to brainstorm solutions to the puppets' conflict. List all their suggestions on the board.
  5. Talk to the puppets again and have them choose a solution that satisfies them both. Have the puppets thank the class for helping them work it out.
  6. Have the puppets ask the children why it's better to work it out then fight it out; discuss.
  7. Have the puppets ask the children about conflicts they have had. Discuss the brainstorming solutions together. Choose the most viable. Go over giving "I Messages" at this time.
  8. Ask the children if they would be willing to try working out their problems this way in order to create the peaceful class they would like to have.
  9. Go over the above chart with the class.


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