Hope and Healing

Peaceful Parenting in an Uncertain World

The events of September 11, 2001, and those that have followed, present a new set of dilemmas for today’s parents. In such an uncertain world, how can we provide our children with the feelings of hope and safety they need to truly flourish?

HOPE AND HEALING meets this challenge head-on, offering practical advice for families dealing with the stress of life’s trials while outlining simple, wise ways to transform our homes into the kinds of safe havens where both children and parents can find nourishment and affirmation.


Peaceful Parents,Peaceful Kids

Practical Ways to Create a Calm and Happy Home

What can you do to help your children cope with stress?  How can you give them the skills for talking over problems, instead of fighting about them?  Where can you find time to help your kids to be less volatile, more cooperative and much happier?  Naomi Drew, renowned educator and leader in conflict resolution has the answers.


The Peaceful Classroom in Action

A K-6 Activity Guide on
How to Create One and How to Keep it!

Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Develop an Atmosphere of Peace and Compassion in the Classroom

Creating a Peaceful Classroom from Day One

Integrating Writing and Peacemaking

Integrating Literature and Peacemaking


Learning the Skills of Peacemaking

A K-6 Activity Guide on
Resolving Conflict, Communicating, Cooperating

 Teach kids the concrete skills they need to get along!

Create Win/Win situations with this innovative program. 

Increase children's self-esteem by teaching them the dynamics of cooperation and understanding.

Introduce cultural diversity and look at our interconnectedness.


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