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Bring More Peace to Your Workplace

Did you know that countless hours of productive time are lost to conflict?  Conflicts drain energy and profits from the workplace, create stress at home, and have an adverse affect on your health. Yet, when handled skillfully, conflict can actually be an opportunity for insight and growth.

Conflict resolution expert, Naomi Drew, can help your company master the art of dealing with conflict. Learn the top secrets of conflict solving so that performance is energized and time at work maximized.


Seminars the Workplace:


Mastering the Art of Dealing with Conflict - Are conflicts cutting into valuable work-time and negatively affecting productivity? This seminar teaches powerful yet practical strategies for preventing and resolving conflicts at all levels, including with clients.

Anger Management Strategies - This seminar provides tested methods for getting a handle on anger and reclaiming one’s grounding when tempers spark. Participants learn how to manage their own anger and deal with angry colleagues, employees, and clients.

Peaceful Parenting for Professionals - What to do when the workday’s over: this seminar helps busy professionals maximize time with their kids, handle conflict in the home, foster closeness, and improve communication.

Stress-Relief for Busy People - Stress can lower productivity and drain creativity. This seminar provides hands-on strategies for de-stressing that increase calmness, focus, and productivity and better relationships in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution for Women - Women in the workplace have their own unique challenges when it comes to conflict. Too often we don’t want to appear harsh, so we stuff down things we really need to communicate. This empowering interactive seminar addresses the unique needs of women in the area of conflict, anger, and communication.

Making Your Teams Work - Corporate teams often start off with a bang then fizzle when personalities and competing needs collide. What can you do to put your teams on the path to success and help them navigate the rough spots? This workshop addresses this question and provides practical strategies for helping teams function more effectively.

Resolving Conflicts

Managing Anger: Three Steps Across the Bridge

The Power of Forgiveness

Positive Relationships Start With the Inner Landscape

Don't Get Hooked

Off-sites, keynotes, full-day, half-day, and evening workshops are available for all topics.

Naomi Drew,, 609-397-8432



Ms. Drew is also available for keynote addresses tailored to your particular group.
Current topics include:
- Creating Hope in an Uncertain World
- The Power of Kindness
- Creating Peaceful Relationships at Work
- Moving Beyond Anger
- We Can Work it Out
- Employee Empowerment
- We are the Key to Peace


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