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- Be clear about what you expect.
Drugs, alcohol, and teen sex are not acceptable. Say, “This is the standard in our family.”  Stress that bad choices made now can follow them for life.

- Model what you want to see in your child.
Parents are still the most important role model for teens. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your kids to do.

- Emphasize the need for them to honor their bodies .
Many kids use household inhalants to get high.  Talk about how dangerous this and other seemingly benign substances are. Talk also about the risks involved with sexual activity.

- If you know alcohol is being served at a party . . .
Don’t allow your child to go, even if the parents are there.  Explain why and suggest positive alternatives.

- Let your kids know that marijuana is addictive.
Marijuana is now the first drug of choice. It’s become much more toxic than ever before. Share this information with your kids.

- Always know where your kids are and who they’re with. 
Don’t accept unacceptable friends and activities.  Exercise your right to say no. Make your no firm, but balance it with love and respect. You’re kids are depending on you to set limits.

- Love them unconditionally, but don’t try to be their friend.
Your teen needs you in your parental role more than anything else.  You can still be a loving confidant.

- If you suspect your teen might be using drugs or alcohol . . .
Check their room, e-mails, My Space, etc. It’s your job to protect them.  Hold them accountable. If they are using, go for counseling together.  Don’t wait.



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