Naomi Drew HeadshotNaomi Drew is recognized around the world as an expert on conflict resolution and peacemaking. Her book, Learning the Skills of Peacemaking was one of the first to introduce peacemaking to public education. Hailed as visionary, her work has enabled educators, parents, and people of all ages to live these skills on a daily basis. Her most recent book, Hope and Healing: Peaceful Parenting in an Uncertain World shows families how to live together more peacefully.

Ms. Drew’s work has been recognized by educational leaders throughout the country. People of all ages have attested to durable changes in their relationships after applying the principles Drew outlines. Her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, radio, and national TV ,and she has served as a parenting expert for “Classroom Close-ups,” an Emmy-winning public television show.

Naomi Drew serves as a consultant to school districts, leads seminars, and runs parenting courses. She is a former teacher. You can reach her by going to


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