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"We each have the power to make peaceful parenting a reality in our lives.
The time to start is now."

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Peace to all of you!

Naomi Drew, author
Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Today's Affirmation:

I have the power to create peace within myself and my family.

Today's Reflection:

Summer - A Time to Reflect

The crystal beach of Spring Lake before me, I am moved by the calmness of gentle waves, white gulls, and children running through the waves. There’s an absence of the din and dissonance that so often permeate everyday life. In this moment there’s time to think, reflect, and appreciate - the essence of peacefulness.

This insight suddenly surfaces: our lives are composed of individual moments, the value of each revealed to us only in the process of reflection. It is in the quiet moments that we create and derive meaning from the things we do. When we move too quickly from one one activity to the next, each action is absorbed into the one that proceeds it, and we miss the subtleties, the nuances, the import of each.

We are responsible for the quality of our lives and our children’s, either by intention or default. When the din is too great, we lose sight of this this. Swallowed up, as we often are, by the white noise that surrounds us, we have little time to reflect, assess, and learn from our experiences. In fact many of us don’t even experience what we are doing as we are doing it. We’re so busy thinking about what we have to do next, or what we should have done before that we lose touch with what we’re doing right now. Our motions become automatic and devoid of meaning. They add to the white noise we live with.

Think of how our children are affected. I’m sure we can all think of times when our child has tried to get us to listen to something but we’re too preoccupied to hear what’s being said. How often do we actually stop what we’re doing and listen with all our hearts? So often we listen with half an ear and a mind full of chatter. How often do we question which is more important, the task at hand or what our child has to say?

Asking ourselves questions like these is crucial, yet how often do we take the time to reflect upon our parental beliefs, attitudes, values, and priorities? Our propensity toward “doingness” overwhelms all else, and we go through much of our lives on automatic pilot.

Take a few moments now to reflect on what’s most important. Journal about this and see what insights surface. May this newsletter be an instrument for positive changes in your parenting and in your lives.

Creating Peace: Four Things you Can Do Right Now . . .

1. Ask yourself this question: What can I eliminate from my life? Think of "shoulds" that clog up your schedule and your freeedom. Identify one thing you simply don't need to do anymore and eliminate it - now.

2. Ask yourself: What can I add to my life that would enrich it and make me feel more peaceful? Five minutes of meditation or visualization each morning? A quiet walk after dinner each evening? Cuddling in bed with your kids before the day starts?

Is there something you've been wanting to do but haven’t, like a having a massage or lunch with a friend. Write it down. Do it this week.

3. Down-time. Schedule this in for you and for your children. Write it on your calendar just like you would any important appointment. Honor this time and regard it as sacred. Unstructured moments nurture our spirits. the same holds for our children.

4. Hugs and kisses. Increase each of these each day, for your kids and for your partner. Ask for hugs and kisses when you need them and give them freely, just like smiles.

Love to all of you!

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