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Issue #2
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"We have the power to create within our homes peacefulness and nurturance,
giving ourselves and our children a base of each to take out into the world.”
from Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Dear Friends,
What a joy it is to be back in touch with you this week. How quickly these weeks of summer have flown! Thank you so much for all your positive responses to this newsletter. Keep sending me your stories and comments. I love hearing from you.

Once again, I invite you to pass “Peaceful Parenting” on to friends, family, and colleagues. If you do not wish to receive further editions, just drop me an e-mail and let me know. My hope is that this newsletter touches the lives of countless people in an unending chain, helping greater numbers of parents make peace a reality in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods, and one day, in the world.

Peace to all of you!

Naomi Drew, author
Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Today's Affirmation:

“The past has no hold on me. I create each day anew
and the words I speak reflect this.”
from Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids

Today's Reflection:

“I have a need of silence and of stars.
To much is said to loudly. I am dazed.
The silken sound of whirled infinity
Is lost in voices shouting to be heard.”

William Alexander Percy

Regaining Your Cool When Things Heat Up

Something that’s true for all parents is that life gets hectic and we go into overload from time to time. That’s when tempers flare and reactions get charged. In moments like these the peace we strive for can begin to feel like a distant vision rather than an attainable reality. However, there are actually concrete things we can do to turn these moments around as well. these strategies will also work in those moments when our kids do things that make us a little crazy.

Ten Strategies for Regaining Your Cool:

1. Take a step back and tell yourself “stop.” Do your best not to say or do anything you will later regret. Imagine yourself in a public place in this moment.

2. Breathe deeply and repeat a calming statement like “I have the ability to remain calm.” Walk into another room for a moment if you can. Then create mental picture of yourself mastering the situation.

3. Catch your bad thoughts and prevent them from making the moment worse. Thoughts like, “These kids are driving me crazy; I’m not cut out for this job,” can be turned into, “I’m having a bad moment. It will pass.”

4. Look out the window and notice the sky, the trees, the sun or the rain. Know that this bad moment is not as enduring as the things of nature which sustain us every day.

5. Step outside for a moment and breathe in the fresh air. Sometimes just shifting to another physical environment can shift our reactions.

6. Splash cold water on your face. Literally, cool off.

7. Or do the opposite: make a hot cop of tea and sip it slowly. Let the warmth of the tea soothe you.

8. Munch on something crunchy like a crisp carrot or some pretzels - this releases tension. (Oreos not suggested!).

9. Go into another room and do jumping jacks, sit ups or push-ups. Count each one. Release the tension physically while toning your body.

10. Keep your perspective and focus on the larger picture instead of getting stuck in the aggravation of the moment. Remember that these years with your children are finite.

Any of the above techniques can provide you with instant relief from “hot” reactions. Choose several and use one each time your pot starts to simmer. Don’t even wait until it gets to the boiling point. By cooling off instead of going into the heat of the moment we provide powerful role modeling for our children. Remember, they learn what they live by in watching us.

Adapted from Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids (Kensington 2000)

Today’s Tips:

- Be an observer. Notice when you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed. Instead of doing what you usually do, stop and make a different choice. Remember that every moment is an opportunity for change.

- Practice one or more of the strategies above each time you feel yourself getting overloaded. Add your own ideas to the list. Send me your ideas so I can share them with others.

- Tell your partner and your children about these strategies.

- Create a calming statement you can say next time you feel stress building. Write, it, post it, use it like a mantra. We can actually retrain our minds by doing this. My calming statement is “I can handle this.” I’d love to hear yours.

Thoughts from Readers:

From Leslie Moore, Hopewell, New Jersey:

Thanks for your peaceful words of I sat at my pool today, with the sun beating on me, I watched my boys playing together beside the pool. So happy to have no where to go. As I picked up the phone, I then put it down and resisted the temptation to make the moment "better." Call a few friends over, have someone for the children to play with. Someone to entertain. But then I realized this moment could not have been more perfect. Peaceful. Just the three of us enjoying the quiet of the summer. That moment lasted for three hours....

Love and peace,

Recognize the joy of simple moments. Life doesn’t always have to be improved upon.


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Love to all of you!

Next Issue: Back to School: Creating a Peaceful Beginning

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