Empowerment Partnerships

Ask someone from your group to be your empowerment partner, or ask someone outside it -- a friend, relative, neighbor, or someone you find on the Race to Peace Website. Have your child do the same. Your empowerment partner is a support person and cheerleader, someone you can tell about your goals, discuss plans, and maintain accountability. She’s is someone you’ll need to speak to at least every other week. Empowerment partners are like those Special Olympics kids you read about earlier who helped lift a a fallen friend off the ground, and ran together to the finish line. To make the Race to Peace work we’ll all need cheer each other on and pick each other up when the job feels too big.

Empowerment partnerships will help you do that. Pick every other week for your phone call to each other. Honor the night religiously. If something pressing comes up and you absolutely can’t talk on your designated night, pick another night to do it. Don’t skip. This pattern of bi-weekly phone calls is critical in building and sustaining momentum.

During each phone call, tell each other about action steps you’ve committed to in your action group and jot them down. For example, “I said I’d call the Coalition for the Homeless and see if our group can set up a tutoring network for children.” Or “I’ve already called The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and they’re sending a speaker to our area. By Friday I promised I would get a list of places we can hold the event.”

When you check back in with each other, if one of you hasn’t been able to fulfill a promise, then re-commit to doing it before your next phone call. And always, always affirm each other for what you have done. Affirmation and support are the juice that keeps us going.

Make the Race to Peace a part of your family. Check in with your kids every week and share what you’re each doing. You may have chosen to work on different aspects of the same project, or different projects altogether. In either event, keep each other informed, and be sure to affirm, encourage, and take joy in each others’ accomplishments.

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