Race To Peace Outreach

Whether through fundraising, letter writing campaigns, community events, or e-mail newsletters, let other people know about the Race to Peace and invite them to join in. Contact your local newspapers and radio stations and tell them what you’re doing. Ask them to do an article on the Race to Peace. Any time you host a community or speaker’s event, invite them to send a photographer.

Keep your efforts in the public eye -- commitment is contagious. Share the knowledge you’ve accumulated since you’ve been reading this book. Many people aren’t aware, for example, that every 3.6 seconds someone in the world dies of starvation or preventable diseases, and that poverty and inequity are at the heart of war. Educating people about the facts is a very important step. Consider creating fact sheets, posters, and booklets -- use what you’ve read in this book. The Race to Peace requires resourcefulness and creativity -- but most importantly, make it fun. Allow your involvement in the Race to Peace to be the spark of energy that lights your life.

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