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Praise For The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts:

"Practical and achievable. Not only will kids find this book an invaluable resource, but so too will their parents and other caregivers."

-- Dr. Robert Brooks, faculty Harvard Medical School

"This book should be read by every child, parent, teacher--anyone who guides and nurtures children. It beautifully points the way to a kinder, more cooperative culture. Naomi Drew wisely shows kids how to tap into their inner power and wisdom to ease their conflicts, talk out their differences,stay calm, find common ground, and create great peace. She is a master teacher and a pathfinder in our culture."

-- Susan Skog, author of Radical Acts of Love: How Compassion Is Transforming Our World

"This book belongs in every school that is committed not only to reducing violence and conflict, but also to building a positive school culture of cooperation and respect. "

-- Dr. Jane Bluestein, Author of Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

"A must read for every adult who interacts with children -- a book that parents and children can use together to confront everyday issues; truly an incredible resource. Exactly what we have been waiting for!"

-- Maureen Pfeffer, New Jersey PTA Board of Directors

"The nation's schools,streets and homes will become safer, more harmonious places if this book iswidely read by students, parents and educators."

-- Meg Cox, author of The Book of New Family Traditions

"This book should be on the desk of every adult who works with children. It is a goldmine of wonderful strategies that will help todays' youth become peaceful, contributing, healthy beings. What a difference it will make in our homes, schools, and world!"

-- Michele Borba, Ed.D. author of Don't Give Me That Attitude

"Provides essential skills for pre-teens and teens to listen respectfully, discuss sincerely, decide empathically, and proceed with empowerment. Fills a large void in the conflict resolution field."

-- Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D. Prof. of Psychology, Rutgers University Author, Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teenagers

"In her latest book, in a career devoted to the advocacy of peace and understanding, Naomi Drew presents nitty-gritty scenarios with real life examples on ways to avoid the all-too easy escalation of anger and violence thatconfront our children every day. As an author and as a grandparent of two school-age girls, I applaud Ms Drew for her thoughtfuland well researched guide to a safer and saner childhood."

-- Don Bolognese, author/artist THE WARHORSE (Simon and Schuster)

"Naomi Drew’s newest book, The Kids Guide to Working Out Conflicts, offers real, honest, practical help to young people who face all kinds of conflict situations these days. Naomi treats all of them, from the minor clashes with siblings to potentially life-threatening situations with gangs. She lays out the means for young people to really take control of themselves and their situations in a way that makes peace possible, even in the face of conflict."

-- Jim Vogt, Director, Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

"The Kids' Guide To Working Out Conflicts has helped me in so many ways. It used to be when someone came up and started yelling at me, I just yelled right back and it never got better. But now that I've read your book, I take deep breaths, take a step back, and try to be patient with the other person, even if they're not willing to be patient with me. Also, the meditation thing is really working out for me. I do it 30 minutes every morning and 30 minutes every night, so now I'm not so tense anymore.

I've also learned how to deal with the bullies at school. I'm still a little scared of them, but now I stick up for myself.  I've talked to my mom and my teachers and they're watching out for me more carefully now. My mom agrees with me that your books are perfect, straight and to the point."

-- 13 year old girl from Georgia

Look Inside The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts

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