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Creating Peaceful Schools Tired of losing valuable teaching time to conflict, bullying, and divisiveness among students? This workshop will give you concrete tools to develop and maintain an atmosphere of peace and respect in your building. Hands-on, and highly practical, this comprehensive workshop will help you literally transform the atmosphere in your school.

Conflict Resolution/Anger Management for Elementary Educators Teach kids to resolve conflicts in ways that really work. Based on thoroughly field tested methods used in schools and homes internationally. Help kids manage anger, talk out problems, and be part of the solution to violence. Based on Naomi Drew’s internationally acclaimed book, Learning the Skills of Peacemaking.

Conflict Resolution/Anger Management for Middle School/High School Educators Middle schools and high schools can be hotbeds of conflict. Find out how to help students deal with conflict effectively and respectfully. Based on thoroughly field tested methods used in schools across the United States. Based on Naomi Drew’s award-winning book, The Kids’ Guide to Working Out Conflicts: How to Keep Cool, Stay Safe, and Get Along.

Bully-Proofing Your School A comprehensive one-day program to help educators deal with bullying systemically. Find out how to create a school-wide program to help kids who are bullied, deal with kids who bully others, and prevent future acts of bullying. Appropriate for all grade-levels.

What to Do About Cyberbullying Cyberbullying has become a rapidly growing problem with devastating effects. This workshop provides the latest information on cyberbullying plus practical tools that help educators effectively address it. Find out how you can help kids who’ve been victims of cyberbullying, and what you can do to prevent future occurrences.

Creating Peaceful Classrooms Setting the foundation for peace in the classroom and beyond. Includes how to get kids to “buy in,” to resolving conflicts, managing anger, fostering empathy, accepting differences. Suitable for K-8 teachers and counselors.

Helping Kids Manage Anger and Deal with Conflict: A Workshop for Counselors Learn effective strategies to help even the most explosive kids calm down. Find out how to help kids stop fighting and start talking. This hands-on experiential workshop will give you tools with immediate applicability.

Calming and De-Stressing for Educators With overextended schedules and heightened demands, teachers are more stressed out than ever. This workshop provides a dose of calming, and gives teachers practical strategies for lowering the volume on stress in their lives no matter how hectic the days may be.

Teacher Empowerment (also available as a keynote) “A breath of fresh air,” as one veteran teacher said, this workshop puts teachers back in touch with the reasons they started teaching to begin with. Inspiring and energizing, this workshop says “thank you” to teachers for the countless ways they touch students’ lives. Great to schedule at the start of school. A real energy-booster.

Positive Discipline Gain a plethora of practical, effective tools that are true lifesavers. Includes ways to build the scaffold for good behavior, manage our reactions when kids act up, and deal with difficult students. This workshop will make your year easier!

Classroom Management for New Teachers Give them the start they need. This workshop provides new teachers with key: essentials such as, creating the foundation for positive discipline that lasts all year long, dealing with difficult kids, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, and more.

Working Out Conflicts: What to do instead of fighting and arguing. Words to use, ways to calm yourself, how to talk things out. Plus six steps you can use for conflicts of every kind.

What to Do About Bullying Are you bothered by the amount of bullying that goes on around you? Maybe you’re being picked on yourself. This workshop will give you clear strategies for handling bullying, standing up for yourself, and helping other kids who are being bullied.

Calming Strategies for Kids Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes? This workshop will give you fun, helpful, calming strategies that you can use every single day. Learn the secrets of calmness that can change your life.

Anger Management for Kids What to do when someone gets on your last nerve. Find out ways to calm down and keep your cool. Learn lifesaving tips that’ll help you maintain your cool and keep your wits no matter how challenging the situation.

Be Part of the Solution Is there too much name calling in your school? Do you find kids being mean and sarcastic toward each other. This workshop will teach you and your classmates how to start turning things around and create a more respectful atmosphere in your school.

Resisting Gangs and Drugs This unique workshop focuses kids on their dreams and helps them see how gangs, drugs, and other substances can stand in the way of what they most want out of life. Best conducted in a small group setting. TOP OF PAGE

Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids In this highly popular workshop, participants learn the top keys to peaceful parenting plus strategies the whole family can use. Includes concrete tools for managing anger, resolving conflicts, family meetings, calming/de-stressing, listening and communicating effectively. Plus trouble-shooting your most difficult issues

The Power of Resilience The resilient child is one who can navigate life’s bumps in the road, and come out shining. Research tells us that resilient kids are the happiest. How can we foster resilience in all kids, plus develop it in children who lack self-esteem? This workshop provides invaluable, cutting-edge information on what may be the most important quality a child can have.

The Power of Kindness We can create an alternative reality to the harshness of our world starting in our own homes. This inspiring workshop gives parents strategies for fostering compassion, eliminating put-downs, and creating an atmosphere of peace and kindness where it counts most -- where we live

Fostering Good Listening Skills Did you know that the number one trust- builder between parents and kids is the ability to listen with an open mind. Find out how to model, teach, and use the art of listening, then watch your relationships thrive.

Communicating with Your Teen How do we open the door to communication when our child is slamming it shut? This powerful workshop gives parents skills and understandings to open the door and keep it open for the long term. Includes “I” messages, active listening, overcoming blocks to communication, role play, and more.

What You Can Do About Bullying Bullying is rampant in schools and neighborhoods across the U.S. Find out concrete steps you can take if your child is being bullied, or if you suspect your child is bullying someone else. Knowledge is power. Empower yourself and your child though this informative workshop.

Calming and De-stressing for Busy Parents Find out how to lower the volume on stress in this relaxing workshop that will leave you feeling energized and calm. Learn specific techniques you can use at home or at work. Discover how you can prevent stress from getting the best of you.

Talking to Teens About the Tough Issues Drugs, alcohol, peer pressure. How can parents handle these issues in effective ways? How can they lay the foundation for open communication with their teens? What to do if you suspect your child might be using -- this workshop answers these questions and more while providing practical hands-on tools with immediate applicability.TOP OF PAGE

- Thank You, Teachers
- Teacher Empowerment
- Creating Peaceful Schools
- Creating Optimism
- Be the Key to Peace
- The Power of Kindness
- Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids
- Bullying and Cyberbullying
- Raising Happy Children

Consulting Program:

Engage your school in a comprehensive year-long program that teaches conflict resolution/peacemaking strategies to staff, students, and parents. Ms. Drew’s highly effective method will help transform the atmosphere of your school and the people in it over the long-term. Includes pre- and post- assessment, workshops, meetings, materials, and small group coaching.

Here’s how you can reach her:

Phone: 609-397-8432

Ms. Drew’s books are available at Barnes & Noble bookstores and

Participant Comments from Workshops and Keynotes:

“The best workshop I ever attended in thirty-five years of teaching.”
- Elementary Educator

“You spoke to our hearts in a way workshop leaders rarely do. It changed the atmosphere in our building.”
- Student Assistance Counselor

“Your talk was the most amazing educational moment in those young peoples’ lives. They have never before experienced what you gave them in your presentation.”
-- Adjunct Professor, Rider University

“Our staff usually sits there with there arms folded during their inservice workshops. You not only elicited their applause, you touched their hearts and brought them to tears.”
-- School Administrator

“You inspired us!”
-- Elementary Principal

“Excellent, exceptional, one of the best workshops we’ve ever had.”
-- Director of Special Services

“You left us all inspired to do better. Thank you for working with us.”
-- Youth Program Director

-"Thanks for a great presentation tonight! You were GREAT!"
-- Community Group Director

"Your examples and exercises really got me thinking. What I particularly liked -- they apply to countless situations involving children of all ages along with their parents, too. We hope you can come back real soon."
-- Parent Group Leader

“All my life I’ve been wanting to make a difference with people but I never thought I could do it. After hearing you speak I realized that one person really does have the power to make a difference. Your talk has changed my life.”
-- College Student

“Excellent, exceptional, one of the best workshops we’ve ever had.”
-- Director of Special Services

“What an informative program. You impressed those in attendance with your simple yet powerful ideas.”
-- President, New Jersey Association of Conflict Resolution

“Naomi Drew's voice is calm, rational, and sympathetic…. but demands the best. It sets limits, shows concern and empathy, and truly listens. For me, her voice gives me confidence that "this" moment can be peaceful. Her voice is always with me. Even when I'm not thinking about it.”
-- Teacher

“Thanks so much for your class and book. I can't tell you how much I have gotten out of the experience. It has truly shown me how to take control of situations in my home. It has made us all more peaceful and better equipped to handle the day to day problems that arise in our family.”
-- Parenting Course Participant

“The link you've created between peacemaking in the home and classroom is one that truly hits the nail on the head. Our children live in violence, and then act that violence out in our classrooms. Certainly in order to truly solve the problem of violence and anger, parents and teachers have to work together. I really admire how you have gotten this point across. Thank you.”
-- Rutgers University Education Student

“Thank you for making a difference in our congregation. People are still talking about your time among us.”
- Methodist Minister

To book a workshop or keynote, contact Naomi Drew at:

609-397-8432 or Email her here


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